Best GPS Watch for Hiking

What is the Best GPS Watch for Hiking?

The best GPS watch for hiking can be a GPS watch that offers military precision GPS features designed for military personnel and frequent hikers. It can be used in terrain that is devoid of typical markets, having a find home feature for times when a hiker is hopelessly lost in the background country.

The best GPS watch for walking can be used as a hiking GPS device as soon as a hiker notices he is lost. It can backtrack to the point in the trip when diversion from initial place or a wrong turn was taken. It is perfect for backcountry skiing and extreme hiking as it is operational in temperature ranges of 140 degrees F to -5 degrees F.

The Dilemma of Hikers

Inherent to hiking is the possibility of injury and the danger of getting lost. By the simple taking of a few wrong turns, hikers place themselves in constant danger of losing their lives. The tragic stories of hikers dying a mere few miles 6a00d83451bb7069e2016768549d6d970b 300x167 Best GPS Watch for Hikingaway from help and the accounts of last minute rescues particularly during inclement weather are detailed in various news reports. While simple awareness, common sense and a little information can prevent a hiker from dealing with these dangers, the survival from any navigation mistake can be made achievable through the taking of all necessary steps by a hiker that is on the trails or in the backcountry. Hiking GPS devices is a great place to start when looking for various levels of devices that can aid a hiker in his endeavors.

More on the Best GPS Watch for Hiking

The best GPS watch for hiking can be a GPS watch that operated for 32 hours on 2 AA batteries designed for hobbyists and travelers, who enjoy hiking not only in North America but in Europe and Australia as well. It is lightweight as it weighs only 5.6 ounces, a feature appreciated by many hikers. It also remains waterproof for up to 30 minutes.

The best GPS watch for hiking can be a GPS device that allows the uploading of maps and the tracking of progress with complete precision designed for the minimalist, who does not want the bells and whistles that come with most other hiking GPS devices, thereby avoiding the kind of price tag that comes with them. It is a good choice for visiting a number of fishing holes and lakes as it comes waterproof.

Two Options for the Best GPS Watch for Hiking Available on the Market

1. Garmin Foretrex 401

garmin foretrex401 overview en Best GPS Watch for HikingThe Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS is the best GPS watch for outdoors that features a high sensitivity GPS receiver that comes with HotFix for performance and reception improvement particularly in heavy tree coverage and deep canyons. It keeps track of routes, tracks and waypoints, with a TracBack feature for retracing of a path on its easy to read LCD display. The viewing of the current location in multiple formats is supported by its dual position readout feature. Trip computer, sunrise and sunset times, hunting and fishing information, electronic compass and barometer altimeter are some of the added functions of this GPS device.


2. Garmin Foretrex 301 Foretrex301 Best GPS Watch for Hiking

The Garmin Foretrex 301 Waterproof Hiking GPS is the best GPS watch for camping being a slim wrist mounted GPS navigator that is perfect for outdoor activities requiring the use of both hands. It is ideal for hikers, skiers and campers with its combination of a high sensitivity GPS receiver, a rugged and waterproof design, and a USB interface into one lightweight device. It keeps track of the path and displays it as a dotted trail on its screen for elimination of worry over getting lost. For creation and storage of routes to all favourite places, it provides the combination of several waypoints.

Which Best GPS Watch for Hiking To Go For? And Why?

Both Garmin Foretrex models share a high consumer rating of 4 ½ star points proving its equality in terms of features and functionalities. Despite the seeming disadvantage of the 401 of being priced approximately $43 higher than the 301, the 401 remains to be a favourite among users as shown by its receipt of about 43 more consumer reviews over the 301. Our pick for the best GPS watch for hiking is the Garmin Foretrex 401 Waterproof Hiking GPS.

Our Pick : Garmin Foretrex 401


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