Best GPS Watch for Swimming

What is the Best GPS Watch for Swimming?

The best GPS watch for swimming tracks strokes, distance and pacing for swimmers. It is designed to offer specialized features that cannot be duplicated with a phone or a standard GPS. It detects what strokes swimmers are using and automatically tracks laps, number of strokes and other information, after being informed of the length of the pool.

Four Steps to Fast Swimming

There are four steps to take for swim fast Best GPS Watch for Swimmingswimming faster that everyone can learn, i.e., positioning, grabbing, pressing and rotating. For the minimization of drag and increase of available potential muscle power, the body is needed to be in the best possible swimming position. During a swim, the body must be straight and long and parallel to the water surface.

To transfer muscle power from the body to the water, the water must be grabbed or caught in a good swimming catch. With the largest muscles available, in the chest and back, not in the arms or shoulders, the water must be pressed on. As force is applied to the water, a pocket should develop in the armpit.

Body rotation, about an axis defined by a line from the top of the head through the neck, back and legs, must be added to fully use the position, the grab and the press.

Features of the Best GPS Watch for Swimming

The best GPS watch for swimming also tracks swolf scores, which is the ratio of strokes taken per pool length. It is thin enough not to produce significant drag and allows workouts to be logged online. It is water resistant to some capacity.

The best GPS view for swimming captures critical performance data through a monitor strapped onto the wrist like a watch. It uses accelerometers, magnetometers and patent-pending proprietary algorithms to identify the swim.

The best GPS watch for swimming analyzes the performance on the device with interval times, pace times, distance in meters, yards and laps, stroke count, stroke rate, distance per stroke and burned calories across all four major strokes.

Performance data stored in the best GPS play for swimming can then be uploaded online for additional analysis and historical review. A key to tracking and improvement of swim performance, the best GPS watch for swimming provides a revolutionary degree of information.

Two Options for the Best GPS Watch for Swimming Available on the Market

1. Garmin Swim Watch

The Garmin Swim Watch with SWIM Best GPS Watch for SwimmingGarmin Connect is the best GPS watch for swimming designed for pool use as it tracks distance, pace, stroke count, et al. By just telling it the size of the pool to be swam in, it is ready to go right out of the box for the start of a workout. There would not be any slowing down caused by wearing the watch during a swim as its sleek profile allows for cutting right through the water. It is always ready for a swim as its battery can be easily replaced whenever needed, which is about once in a year.

2. Timex Global Trainer timex global trainer pg Best GPS Watch for Swimming

The Timex Global Trainer Speed and Distance is the best GPS watch for swimming being a GPS enabled speed and distance watch for harder and smarter training, Its SiRFstar III GPS technology provides speed, distance and pace measurement while its built-in altimeter offers altitude, ascent and descent rate measurements, It records up to 1,000 laps of information with its 20 workout memory. It supports data downloads to and is ANT+ compatible.

Which Best GPS Watch for Swimming To Go For? And Why?

TheĀ  Garmin Swim Watch has surpassed other GPS watches for swimming from a display perspective with a superior display clarity. It does not maintain a confusing menu system and lack of web-based software platform that some of its competitors do. It has a sleep mode, all day watch and drill log mode functionality currently unavailable in other swimming watches. It is very accurate with its readings with a clear and easy to read display. It is relatively cheap and integrates with Garmin Connect. At the least, it can be worn as a regular watch. Our pick for the best GPS watch for swimming is the Garmin Swim Watch with Garmin Connect.

Our Pick : Garmin Swim Watch

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