Best GPS Watch for the Money

What is the Best GPS Watch for the Money?

The best GPS watch for the money must have a heart rate monitor needed for training purposes. A heart rate monitor puts athletes in an exact training zone, whether with anaerobic or aerobic intensity.

The Memory of a Good GPS Watch

A session is displayed on the screen of a GPS watch with a header page 140 Best GPS Watch for the Moneyshowing the date of the session and overall time, in the case of some models, upon entry to the memory recall mode of the device. Scrolling through lap by lap can be done after the selection of the session that is wanted to be viewed. The highlighting of the best lap and the calculation of the average lap time within the session is enabled in some GPS models. The session deletion from the memory is an option after the viewing of the session is through.

It is a surprise how much information can be fitted in a hundred lap memory of a GPS device. A 120 lap memory can store 10 12-lap sessions or 60 2-lap sessions. An athlete needs only to remember filling in his training log once a week while doing all his training on a 2-mile loop with a 5-minute jog there and back. Using a maximum of about 50 laps in total, most athletes would probably store no more than 3 to 4 sessions at a time, in actual practice.

Features of the Best GPS Watch for the Money

For athletes that do off road running, the heart rate monitor of the best GPS view for the money is particularly helpful. Another feature of the GPS watch that is effective for athletes who do off road running is an ability to make sure that he really does cover an specific distance.

The best GPS watch for the money must be able to mark out routes for athletes as well as mark off mile and half mile marks, using either paint or a permanent land mark. It must function as a standard stop watch for monitoring by athletes whether they are on pace or off pace.

The stopwatch or chronograph mode of the best GPS play for the money must be able to time the runs of the athlete in hours, minutes, seconds and fractions of a second. While a start/stop and a lap button pauses the display without stopping the stopwatch for time checking at a mile marker or lap end in some GPS models, the screen is split into two, i.e., one half screen showing the overall time and the other half screen showing the current lap time in other models.

The best GPS watch for the money must have a built in lap timer that calculates lap times and is useful for racing and training purposes. It must also be able to store these lap times for afterwards review. It must be able to store as many sessions as wanted within the limit of 120 laps.

Overall, the best GPS download for the money must be able to record the pace and heart rate of an athlete as he runs and provides a multitude of values that is downloadable to a computer and eventually easy to analyze, other than marking his course.

Two Options for the Best GPS Watch for the Money Available on the Market

1. Garmin Forerunner 205

Forerunner 2052 Best GPS Watch for the Money

The Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS Receiver and Sports Watch is the best GPS watch for the money with its radically new design that is better in every way and its amazing accuracy as well as fast satellite acquisition time. Its simplicity to set up and use will actually inspire an owner to actually use the unit. It is bigger than most sports watches but this apparent inconvenience is overshadowed by the fact that the watch is so much more powerful.

2.  Garmin Forerunner 110  Best GPS Watch for the Money

The Garmin Forerunner 110 GPS-Enabled Unisex Sport Watch is a top 10 GPS watch for the money that is a good fit for users who want a simple and easy to use watch for average pace and distance tracking. It tracks speed and distance along with an optional heart rate monitor. It has an easy setup process with a GPS signal that is accurate and quickly acquired from satellites. It is smaller and more compact than other Garmin sports watches.

Which Best GPS Watch for the Money To Go For? And Why?

The lower price of the 110 over the 205 cannot compensate for what it lacks in terms of features and functionalities as well as popularity with users. The 205 hovers over the 110 with its half point advantage in terms of consumer ratings and its receipt of more than 300 consumer reviews compared to the 110. Our pick for the best GPS watch for the money is the Garmin Forerunner 205 GPS Receiver and Sports Watch.

Our Pick : Garmin Forerunner 205

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