Best Price Nike GPS Watch

What is the Best Price Nike GPS Watch?

The best price Nike GPS watch looks pretty fit, storing up to 20 workouts with data downloadable for slicing and dicing afterwards. It has a nice multisport mode making it dandy to wear while running or riding and can display up to four data points at one time.

Features of the Best Price Nike GPS Watch

Nike Sportswatch 04 Best Price Nike GPS WatchThe best price Nike GPS watch must provide a phalanx of fields to choose from, in addition to a garden variety of information such as speed, distance and heart rate. It tracks some really cool metrics such as total amount climbed during a workout and time amount spent in a certain altitude zone.

The best price Nike GPRS watch can be swam with without fear and offers a receiver that can be hooked up with power meters, cadence sensors and heart rate monitors. It must be comfortable to wear on the wrist with not too many buttons packed too close together.

The best price Nike GPS watch must allow the runner not to fuzz with gear any more than necessary when running. It must be thin and light with a slim form and style and a huge appetite for data. It must be wearable for casual situations.

The best price Nike plus watch must have a big bold display that is easy to read and easy to manage while on the go. Its buttons are well placed and easy to access while exercising. It must not pose any problem when swapping fields and views while running.

Two Options for the Best Price Nike GPS Watch Available on the Market

1. Nike+ SportWatch GPS nike sportwatch screens Best Price Nike GPS Watch

The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is a best price running GPS watch that looks great on the wrist for travelling. It is a slim watch, just 16 millimetre thick with a cold sans serif display that looks modem and stylish. It has three buttons on the side, hitting one would flip it from being a hipster to a track star, with a revelation of some serious fitness street creed.

The watch has an onboard TomTom GPS chip and can link up to a Nike Plus shoe sensor and a separately sold Polar Wind heart rate monitor. Firing the watch up results to tracking of speed, distance, elapsed time and with the required strap, heart rate while tapping the screen for ticking off would count laps. It has a simple interval timer and gives clever little nudges should the owner does not run for quite a while.

The clasp of the watch conceals a USB connector, that can be jack into a computer for the automatic upload of run data to Nike Plus, a gorgeous online software with a great intuitive interface, for mapping along the way. It shows heat maps of routes in the area to assist in finding new places to ramble.

The watch is dead simple to use and displays speed as pace. The resetting of its clock needs to be done on a computer. It is overall a fantastic device making a great timekeeper for the beginner runner all the way up to the advanced runner.

2. Nike+ SportBand nike plus sportband Best Price Nike GPS Watch

The Nike+ SportBand is a best price Nike accessories watch for Nike+ fitness device fans who do not have a compatible iPod or do not really listen to music when running. It consists of a watch that displays run info and a Nike+ sensor for putting onto the shoe for keeping track of stride and sending data to the watch.

It is made of durable rubber that does not smell even if it gets wet with sweat. Its watch part can be detached from the band for plugging into a computer through a USB connector for upload of data to a Nike Running account. Its battery is automatically charged during the plugging.

A Nike+ shoe is not needed for the sensor as different kinds of lace locks or shoe pouches are available for storing the sensor and lacing it onto the shoe. It can alternatively be squeezed under the shoe lace.

This sensor is fairly accurate for any length of stride and running on a known distance of at least 400 meters on normal pace is all it takes for its calibration. This calibration must be the last run engaged in prior to the plugging of the watch to a computer, as the calibrate option of Nike+ software uses the data of the last run upon launching. Its battery has a thousand kilometre life, after which the sensor requires replacement.

The SportBand presents progress in real time, is easy to store being made up of only two components and also serves as a cool-looking wrist watch with a plug and play that can be use on any computer to sync data to the Nike Running site so there is no need for iTunes installation.

Which Best Price Nike GPS Watch To Go For? And Why?

For something basic such as fairly accurate distance and time capture, typically within 2 on 6 to 7 mile runs, the SportBand would do just fine. For a little more data, such as better splits, interval training on the track, maps and elevation, the SportWatch would do the trick, providing better visibility on its main display and a small secondary display as well, and very nice feedback. Our pick for the best price nike GPS watch is the Nike+ SportWatch GPS.

Our Pick : Nike+ SportWatch GPS

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