Cool Gadgets For Men

18 Portable Gaming Unit


Are you buying a gift for a gamer boyfriend?

Then we have the perfect gadget that will make him ecstatic!

Thanks to this portable gaming unit he can continue playing his favorite Xbox or PlayStation games wherever he goes. The Vanguard features an integrated 19″ LED HD display, stereo speakers, and dual headphone jacks.

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17 Jedi Master Robe


Tired of seeing your man clearly having cold early in the morning or late at night, because he’s too ‘manly’ to wear a robe?

Try giving him one of these Jedi Master robes, and we assure you he’ll be wearing them all day long.

Boys will be boys, and all of them have dreamt of being a Jedi Master at some point in time. Thanks to this soft gadget they will be able to get a glimpse.

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16 3D Printer


At number 16 of our list of cool gadgets for men we have the desktop 3D printer.

With this revolutionary device he can make his imagination become a reality.

From custom build items he needs to fix things around the house, to bowls, figurines or his own art. This 3D printer by QIDI Tech can create it all.

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15 Portable Espresso Maker


With this portable espresso machine, men can have a quality cup of joe, even when on the go.

The Wacaco is a compact & featherlight gadget with a stylish design that delivers a premium taste.

A great gift for coffee-loving men who like to go hiking or backpacking!

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14 The Premium E-reader


If he is into reading as well as a techie, he will love this latest Kindle Oasis E-reader.

With its slick and premium look and feel, and 7″ screen with a 300ppi resolution, it can be considered as the Ferrari of E-readers.

It feels extremely light in your hand, while your eyes will think they are reading a real piece of paper. Even when the sun is directly on the screen!

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13 Phone Screen Magnifier


These days we tend to spend hours of our day staring at our phones.

That is exactly why this screen magnifier gadget can be such a useful and cool gift!

No more sore necks because he’s crouched over his little screen. He can just sit back in comfort thanks to this stylish gadget.

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12 Game Boy Alarm Clock

It’s an alarm clock… shaped like a Nintendo Game Boy!

Is there need to say more or should we take your money already?

For men who lived through the ’90s, this is one of those absolute must-have iconic gadgets. It even comes with several pre-programmed Super Mario alarm tunes.

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11 Dash Cam With Night Vision

Help him keep himself and his loved ones safe when on the road with this ultra-compact premium dash cam.

It has the highest resolution currently available on any dash camera and even has night vision to keep a watchful eye during night time.

To top it all, it will automatically add GPS coordinates to any image, so he can always pinpoint exactly where something happened!

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10 Yoda Metal Bookend

This will be the last Star Wars related item in our list of cool gadgets for men, promise.

Yet this stylish bookend is just too cool not to include!

Every man will love seeing Yoda himself use the force to keep his books neatly organized on his shelf.

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9 Outdoor Portable Speaker

This portable speaker works on solar power so he can take it with him on any adventure.

But there is more. It is fully dust & waterproof, so it can withstand the outdoors without any issue.

After only 30 minutes in the sun, it can already play up to half an hour of music.

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8 Thor’s Hammer Bottle Opener

No beer can withstand the might of Thor!

With this cool gadget, men will be able to open their beer in style.

They will be able to wield the hammer of the thunder god themselves and use its awesome strength to serve the good people that come to their homes.

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7 Foldable Wireless Keyboard

Next, we present one of the must-have gadgets for men who need to write a lot.

Although tablets and smartphones are very compact and stylish, writing longer texts on them can be a bit of a drag.

But this cool keyboard gadget fixes the problem. It can easily connect to Android or IoS via Bluetooth, while it can be folded up to fit in your pocket for transport!

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6 Motion Detection Camera

With these cool gadgets from Blink a man can keep his home safe & secure, and manage it all from the palm of his hand.

Place one or more wireless Blink camera anywhere around your home both inside and out.

When a motion detector is triggered, Wi-Fi cameras will send an alert to your smartphone and record a short clip of the event to the cloud.

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5 Dancing Groot Chia


This next hip gadget literally brings some life to any desk or shelf.

Each kit comes with a custom molded Baby Groot pottery planter, convenient plastic drip tray, and enough chia seed packets for 3 plantings.

If he’s a Guardians of the Galaxy fan, he’ll love this Baby Groot chia planter!

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4 Amazon Echo Dot


This third generation Amazon Dot is a must-have gadget for any techie.

It is a voice activated device, called Alexa, which is connected to a search engine as well as Amazon services.

This means you can ask her any question, order an Amazon product, or tell her to start your favorite Amazon TV show.

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3 Magnetic Wristband

This magnetic wristband rightfully deserves the third place in our list of cool gadgets for men.

There is nothing more annoying for DIY man than trying to figure out where those screws, bolts or nails went when assembling or disassembling an item.

With this simple yet very effective gadget he will literally have them at hand when needed!

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2 Oculus Rift S VR Headset

Is he into video games? Then he will love this next cool gadget for men.

Probably one of the most exciting technological innovations of the last 3 years, Virtual Reality Headsets let you look around a virtual space as if you are actually there!

After the tremendous success of the Oculus Rift, this brand new Oculus Rift S Headset is the very latest and highly anticipated successor which offers a superior experience. It is a tethered device (vs cheaper basic VR glasses where you insert your smartphone) which delivers an unbeatable 1280×1440 resolution…per eye!

1 Drone with Live Video & VR Headset

Whether it is to take amazing photos and videos during his next trip, or just to play around with it for fun, this drone is a cool gadget for any tech lover.

It can be controlled by his phone, hold its position automatically in the air, all while being very easy to control.

The best part? It comes with a VR headset, so he can experience first-person flight mode.

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