Polar RCX5 is a brilliant training computer for anyone serious about his fitness routine and the exact kind of tool for the budding triathlete

Polar RCX5


Polar RCX5 Polar RCX5 is a brilliant training computer for anyone serious about his fitness routine and the exact kind of tool for the budding triathleteThe Polar RCX5 is a pretty slim and unobstrusive replacement watch for the Polar RS800CX, more likely to be worn on a regular basis.

Its strap makes it particularly comfortable, being very flexible with holes running its entire length and loops with lugs keeping excess strap length in place, assuring a good fit.

The Polar RCX5 is a brilliant training computer aimed at anyone serious about his fitness routine.

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Polar RCX5 on Arm Polar RCX5 is a brilliant training computer for anyone serious about his fitness routine and the exact kind of tool for the budding triathleteThe versatility of the Polar RCX5 (Red) allows usage in a plethora of disciplines, being compatible with the majority of Polar sensors, offering seamless switching between pursuits.

It is a great running companion tool, with its very accurate G5 GPS and as a cycling computer, it ticks pretty much all of the boxes, providing all the needed data, whether stumping up for the G5 or syncing with existing CS speed and cadence sensors.

The Polar RCX5 (Black) is the exact kind of tool for analyzing and improving performances for a budding triathlete, with its WearLink+ Hybrid heart rate transmitter working surprisingly well in water.

It is also a great case for keen runners and cyclists, allowing progress monitoring in both sports, without the need to buy separate hardware.


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Polar RCX5 Features:

  • basic package consists of the watch itself, a WearLink Hybrid heart rate transmitter with a chest strap and a Polar DataLink transfer unit
  • allows creation of own sport profiles
  • supports multisport training through swift switching between sports
  • ZoneOptimizer feature personalizes sport zones during warm up
  • improves performance with endurance training programs, downloadable from polarpersonaltrainer.com with the Polar DataLink
  • gives heart rate even in water with a comfortable hybrid transmitter
  • compatible with Polar running, cycling and GPS sensors
  • up to 8-11 months of battery life
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Polar RCX5 Pros & Cons:





  • some may prefer an all-in-one GPS watch
  • doesn’t work with Polar power meters
  • no vibrate alert
  • need to charge the G5 GPS


What People Say about Polar RCX5:

“I’m mostly a runner and I’m really into biofeedback. I was torn between the RCX5, the RS800CX and the Garmin Forerunner 610. After careful consideration decided to go for the RCX5 based mostly on the fact that it had a better price and was less conspicuous. I’m very happy I did. The RCX5 does what it says in the tin and more. I never thought I would be planning my trainings beforehand but I now find myself planning a week ahead just for the fun of it. I design my runs myself based on the events (work/stress related) of the week at polarpersonaltrainer.com, sync them to the RCX5 and after reading Phil Maffetone’s “The Big Book of Endurance Training and Racing” my runs include a warm up, cool down and a very specific HR range according to a totally different formula based on my current fitness/health. The RCX5 has been perfect for this (I didn’t intend to use it this way when I bought it since I hadn’t read the book I mentioned). The GPS works like a charm. Never lost it’s signal even running in really fowl weather and under dense tree cover. The HR strap is super comfortable, never any issues. It syncs really fast with my pc (Windows XP). The armband for the G5 GPS unit is quite comfortable. I’m not quite fond of armbands because they draw attention and are sometimes annoying, specially if you are running sleeveless under heavy sun (there will be a mark). There’s a clip to attach the G5 GPS to your shorts that you can order separately. Since it’s really little it wouldn’t bother anyone, but the armband it’s so comfortable you forget it’s there. Also the RCX5 has a “reminder” you can set at a given interval of time or distance. I set it to remind me to drink every 15 minutes. The heartouch feature I have set to “backlight” and while I’m running at night I simply move the watch to touch with the HR and the backlight turns on and it’s great because I carry a handheld bottle on the right hand. Finally, the watch is really solid, comfortable to run with and has great legibility. Even the sounds are great (cricket like). Also it’s highly customizable with 6 screens you can alter anyway you want either on the watch or with your PC while ync to it.” – Ramon Alejandro Insua

Polar RCX5 Pros Polar RCX5 is a brilliant training computer for anyone serious about his fitness routine and the exact kind of tool for the budding triathlete“I’ve had a number of sports watches over the years, including a number of polar units. For a while, they used to be the only game in town, if you wanted accurate heart rate. Now polar has a lot of competition. I considered this unit, the new polar v800, the Tomtom cardio, and the Garmin FR220. To be frank, I didn’t like the thought of using a heart rate strap, and so the Mio-based technology that the Tomtom used was appealing to me. In the end, I went with the RCX5. It came down to the following observations:

* Many, many people are having trouble with the heart rate sensing on the Tomtoms and Mios. I decided that there was probably no avoiding the strap. This looks like technology that is not ready for prime time yet.
* I looked at the Garmin FR220, and it just seemed too cheap and fragile to me.
* I decided I didn’t like having to worry constantly about recharging another gadget before I worked out. Who really wants to think about that? So the fact that the polar RCX5 has long battery life (albeit with disposable batteries) was a factor for me. Note that while the HRM strap, the wrist unit and the foot pod all use replaceable batteries, the GPS unit is a rechargeable. This was the primary reason I decided against the V800.
* Social sharing and all that other stuff means nothing to me, and the polar website offers all the analysis tools that I need for my training.
* The straps have been much improved since the days of the polar Accurex. They stay put now, are much more flexible, and are much lighter. The batteries are easily replaceable as well (no more sending the strap back to Polar to have batteries replaced).
* The RCX5 is quite easy to use (IMO an improvement from earlier Polar units). Multisport training is particularly easy due to the design of the watch, and you can add new user-defined sports profiles easily.
* The footpods have been improved – and IMO, it’s the only way to get semi-accurate pace. Nobody I know depends on GPS – be it from Garmin, Polar, or anyone else – it is just not accurate enough. Anyway, the polar footpods no longer have an on/off switch, and they are much lighter.
* Note – I am not a swimmer, but am a cyclist, rower and runner. The RCX5 works well for all, but I don’t use any of the cycling sensors beyond the HRM and GPS.

Bottom line is that you should not be afraid of this unit because it has a separate footpod or GPS unit. The former brings advantages that you can’t get with GPS (indoor usage, and better short-term pace estimate)” – Dr. Silverthorn “rjpawlak”




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