What Does A Smartwatch Do?

Today’s smartwatches are capable of doing several tasks. Using a smartwatch daily or for a specified reason has a good number of features. Few smartwatches are equivalent to mobile phones or smartphones.

GPS-Global Positioning System

It is the essential feature of a smartwatch. Smartwatches will have a GPS to trace the location. Receive location notification and also, have maps to follow the particular route.


Many smartphones are notifications enabled. You can receive or send notification to smartphones when they are paired. This may help when you are far from your phone. Also, smartwatches can display the notification of any particular event or activity if it is set priorly. It can work simply as a reminder.


Nowadays, applications are performing major actions in your life, like keeping track of fitness or monitoring your diet needs or reminding you about the checkups or preparing you for an entrance exam. So, all such kind of apps can be supported in a few smartwatches once installed. This helps to make the tasks easier.

Fitness tracker/ Fitness Tracking

It is widely used in the smartwatches. If you are very cautious about your fitness and want to keep track of your regular exercise routine, fitness tracker smartwatch can do the trick. Many smartwatches are also capable of reading the heart rate.

Management of media

Some smartwatches paired with smartphones are capable of managing media players doing simple tasks like playing music, adjusting the volume and tracks. Also, you can play music either in order, randomly.

Answering the calls/messages

Answering the calls or providing voice messages will be an easier task if the smartwatch is paired with a smartphone. But these kinds of option will be available in only fewer smartwatches only.

Benefits Of Giving Your Child A Smartwatch

A smartwatch comes with multi-functionalities and hence has many benefits.

  • Smartwatch with GPS facility helps to track where your kid goes.
  • Smartwatch also makes your kid learn playfully.
  • Also, your kid can call you or text you when need you in an emergency.
  • Apart from this feature, smartwatch make to monitor sleep timings and calculate the walk counts or exercise counts. Moreover, few smartwatches have an additional feature of reminding water intake.
  • Also, the smartwatch has the capability of displaying the notifications of Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and hence, you don’t miss any updates.
  • Smartwatch also keeps your kid entertained with games and learning apps.
  • You kid can listen to the music as a smartwatch is capable of playing MP3 music files.

Types Of Smartwatches

It will be difficult to categorize the smartwatches as it keeps changing based on the requirement of the user. Moreover, every smartwatch has its purpose. Also, the design of the smartwatch does not do much in deciding the type of smartwatch. The only similarity they may have is tracking the fitness. However,  smartwatches are categorized into three types

Companion Smartwatch

Smartwatches that can be easily paired with the smartphones are called companion smartwatches. This type of smartwatch can easily sync the phone data to smartwatch and vice versa. Also, they are capable of answering calls, sending calls, receiving a notification like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter messages, and even some time email. The only condition is the smartwatch must be compatible with Android phones and iOS phones.

Standalone Smartwatch

Usually, these smartwatches have SIM card along with it. So, making calls, answering calls, browsing the internet can be done without wireless limitations. Also, the smartphone comes with a rechargeable battery. They work similarly to smartphones.

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